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  • Quality of the P-Tronic electronic box-unit


    Manufacturer's original connecting plugs

    100 % of the P-Tronic additional box-units are equipped with manufacturer's original connecting plugs. This factor allows for:

    • easy connection which can be carried out without the slightest specific knowledge,
    • optimal and totally waterproof connections (identical to the originals),
    • non-intrusive installation: the box-unit can easily be removed and the vehicle automatically returns to its original configuration

    Preserve my turbo

    By contrast with other products on the market, the P-Tronic box-unit functions with total respect for the mechanics. It always operates within the tolerances scheduled by the car manufacturers, maintains the original active security levels and does not modify turbo pressure. Through the improvement to the engine output which it induces the box-unit even enables the the lifespan of the mechanical parts to be lengthened.

    TÜV Certification

    90 % of the box-units in the P-Tronic catalogue are certified by the TÜV. A guarantee of quality and security. P-Tronic box-units are also manufactured according to the CE norm which guarantees that they conform to European Union legislation.

    Resistant box-unit

    P-Tronic only works with component parts developed by and for the automobile sector. Elements which enable the box-unit to be with the vehicle for the whole of its life cycle and even beyond. A correctly installed P-Tronic box-unit resists dust, humidity, cold and heat. Several cross-country rally teams have, what's more, successfully competed in long trial stages with a P-Tronic box-unit in their engine...

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