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  • Buying a P-Tronic box-unit with total security

    Made in Belgium

    P-Tronic box-units are the fruit of know-how developed and put into operation in Belgium. Without exception top of the range components are very meticulously selected from our Belgian, French and German partners. They are assembled in our production unit in the Belgian Ardennes according to the most severe quality norms.

    5 year guarantee

    P-Tronic box-units are covered by a total 5 year guarantee. This involves the box-unit itself, the electronic components, the connectors and cabling. The P-Tronic guarantee also covers any potential re-shipment from our workshop to the client's address.

    Secured payment

    The security of on-line transactions on this site is managed by the Ogone company. Ogone is the European specialist in highly secured payments by internet. Its expertise enables everyone to have a guarantee that sensitive data is transmitted and stored according to the highest levels of security and quality which exist.

    Quality charter

    When you call on P-Tronic, you always obtain a complete and personalised response to your questions within 24 hours. Whether you make contact by e-mail or by telephone, you will feel in our responses how much we are committed to what we do. An essential criterion which helps to show why we are so available. Sharing our know-how and our knowledge of the products with our clientele is a pleasure for each member of our staff. The advantages and qualities of our products will thus be explained to you with pleasure by enthusiasts.

    When you buy and use our box-units you will be able to observe that we make it a point of honour to that the performance we claim and the reality match each other. Just like you, we buy things in our everyday lives and, just like you once again, we do not like sales persons who play around with the content of their sites and take advantage of our confidence.

    For your security the selection of component parts which we use in our manufacturing process is carried out with total thoroughness, almost to the point of obsession. Our catalogue reflects our production. No counterfeit can, therefore, appear in it.

    In order that your on-line purchase is carried out under the best possible conditions of security, transactions on our internet sites are secured by SSL encrypting (https://cadenas closed) and respond to very strict norm requirements. Data from your credit card (number, name of holder...) are never stored or transmitted to third parties. In order to improve your security and comfort even further, we keep ourselves permanently informed about the latest evolutions in the domains of e-commerce legislation and technologies.

    Once you have placed your order on line, you will receive your goods within 24 to 48 hours (working days). Nevertheless, whenever possible, we make it a point of honour to effect the delivery more rapidly than the announced timing.

    We take privacy legislation very seriously. The personal data that you communicate to us is only used to handle your order. In no cases is it communicated to third parties or used to send unsolicited mail.

    And finally, a last point which is far more than a simple clause in keeping with the times: if you are concerned about the ecological impact of our activities, please be assured that we do everything in our power to protect and preserve our environment. This is illustrated at several levels: in the choice of suppliers, in the selection of materials and in the production process.

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