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  • First of all you should know that not all power box-units for diesel or petrol engines are of equivalent quality. This difference involves both the components and the way in which the box-unit provides the extra power, that is to say the programming, which is what interests us here. Certain power box-units and other procedures for increasing performance have recourse to unscrupulous reprogramming, without taking into account any of the vehicle's parameters. There is clearly a danger here, both for a new vehicle and one which is run in.
    With P-Tronic, every power box-unit which leaves the workshop has been subjected to development down to the slightest detail, and to optimisation under simulation of real use conditions on the diesel or petrol engine for which it has been designed. The electronic parameters are regulated in a way which will not damage the engine in any way, with the reprogramming values being always within the tolerance margins laid down by the car manufacturers. These precautions keep users of P-Tronic power box-units away from any worries, from the very first hours of use of turbo-diesel or turbo-petrol engines.
    This does not of course mean that the prudence required when driving the first few kilometres with a diesel engine which has just come out of the factory can be abandoned, or that you don't have to treat your vehicle as a responsible owner should.

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