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  • P-Tronic has a well-filled catalogue, but not all the vehicles on the market are included, nevertheless. Our offering involves only turbo-diesel engines and certain turbo petrol units.
    If your vehicle is fitted with a turbo-diesel or turbo petrol, it may be that it is more than 12 years old and has mechanical injection. If this is the case, we have no solution for you, as P-Tronic can only act on electronic injection.
    It is possible, however, that your vehicle is in the catalogue but that you have been unable to find it. Certain models are, indeed, sold with different types of injection (Siemens, Bosch, Lucas, Piezo, Nippon-Denso), which obliges us to use a number of references for just one vehicle in order to be sure to offer the box unit suited to each type of injection. The same goes for a particulate filter.
    And finally, if your vehicle is brand new it may be that the P-Tronic box unit to fit it is still being developed.
    Having said this, if you don’t see the box unit you are looking for in our catalogue, please contact our sales service by e-mail or telephone. They will be more than happy to help you.

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