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  • Our box units are certainly not given away, and you can find far cheaper ones on the market. If you look round you might even find one for € 25… And having said that, if you take a good look round the market you can find anything: very good, less good, very bad and even dangerous. Certain devices increase the injection pressure, others don’t hesitate to alter the turbo pressure, with all the dangers this brings with it. Others are quite simply empty (yes, really!)

    For our part, we work only on the injection timing, while keeping all of the original safety parameters active, which is the most suitable way of improving performance levels. Our price is justified by the quality of our component parts (boards, cables and connectors which are always original), and by our software systems which are individually developed for each vehicle. This policy enables us always to offer box units which increase performance in an optimal manner and without any risk to the vehicle.
    We can also quite truthfully state that we offer an after-sales service unrivalled in the additional box unit sector.
    Quite sincerely, you will not find a better price-quality ratio, but do not hesitate to make your own enquiries in order to make your decision in full possession of the facts.

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