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  • Three possibilities are open to you:

    The first is to sell it on with your car, because it adds value to the vehicle.

    The second will be suitable for you if your new vehicle is fitted with same type of injection system as your old one. You can then re-use your box-unit on your new car. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out if your box-unit is compatible, and if this is the case, to find out the procedure for re-programming.

    The third possibility is to sell your additional box-unit, either on a web-site specialising in cars, or a web-site offering private sales (such as ebay). Once again, you can contact us to find out the value of your P-Tronic box-unit on the second hand market. When you are composing your advertisement, pay particular attention to the following points: make it clear that you are selling a genuine P-Tronic additional box-unit (imitations sold at a discount are going round the market), detail the precise type of P-Tronic additional box-units that you are selling along with the turbo-diesel vehicles to which it can be fitted, indicate that your box-unit is equipped with connectors compatible with the originals and do not hesitate to talk of the simplicity of fitting - you will merely be telling the truth.

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