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  • The P-Tronic chips for diesel or petrol engines (additional box-unit), by contrast with other products on the market, are regulated so that they do not lead to any premature wear on the engine.

    In our experience, and as is confirmed to us every day by our clients, our diesel and petrol chips even also appear to lengthen the life of the engine. This is a relatively logical observation when you realise that the increase in power generated by a P-Tronic chip often gives better output from the engine, liberating the intrinsic power of the vehicle which has been limited by the manufacturer. With a P-Tronic chip, a diesel engine therefore turns over more 'roundly'. On top of this, the driver has to put less strain on his engine to arrive at a similar result. The engine is no longer permanently suffering as is too often the case when the driver is looking for performance he can't find...
    And there are very many manufacturers who use technology identical to this in every respect, in order to offer different levels of power and torque in their catalogue from the same engine.

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