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  • Power and torque for engines, while respecting the manufacturers' tolerances

    Power and torque

    Lack of power, lack of torque, a sensation that the engine is suffocating, all of these are symptoms which are persuading a growing number of car drivers to look for an alternative. Rather than changing their car, reprogramming the injection now constitutes the most rational and the most acceptable solution. A process which the manufacturers use themselves to offer different levels of power from the same engine.

    « Between a Mercedes C200 CDI and a C220 CDI, the calculator programming is the only difference » - Le Soir

    Maha and Bosch power banks

    In order to perfectly calibrate its tuning box-units according to the specific characteristics of the injection units for which they are destined, P-Tronic carries out all these measures on a Maha and a Bosch FLA 206 power banks. These tools, which can reveal original power higher than that stated by the manufacturers, enables the P-Tronic engineers to develop tuning box-units which tangibly and verifiably respect the tolerances prescribed by the car manufacturers. And it means that true power and torque values, after correction, can be confirmed rather than simply having estimations, which is too often the case in the sector.

    « The original configuration is retained in practice, but is moved upwards, which improves take-up and acceleration » - Le Soir

    Power tests

    This bank is also used at the request of clients wishing to have an objective view of the increase in power of their vehicles. When they come to the workshop, a first test is carried out with the vehicle in its original state. The computer records the data. The chip tuning box is then connected to the vehicle which undergoes a second power test. At the end of this, the computer has data with and without the box. It puts them side by side so that the increase in power and torque in the form of figures and graphs is clear to see.

    « The benefit in terms of power and torque are particularly convincing » - Diesel Mag

    > Example of power curve (BMW 316d)

    Power test.

    test of the tuning box on the road

    Test on the road.

    power test 4x4 bank

    The power bank at the P-Tronic development centre.

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