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    Reprogramming engine diagnostic plug (or plug OBD On Board Diagnostic System) is to inject new information to the original mapping of the vehicle via the diagnostic socket. This device works, but several major problems arise:

    • 1 / In maintenance, most dealers and mechanics routinely perform an upgrade of the original software, which restores the initial configuration of the vehicle's electronics. This forced it to start over at each service, which requires a substantial budget and each time requires a shift in the cylinder. The P-Tronic box is not him, not affected by these updates.
    • 2 / More and more manufacturers are equipping their vehicles with timer snaps when a change is made mapping. When the countdown ends, the vehicle crashes and should be returned to the dealer with a tow truck for a "reset" of cartography. The operation is often accompanied by a loss of warranty. For his part, installing a timer does not activate the P-Tronic box.
    • 3 / During an ordinary trip to the dealership for a minor fault (eg power window that does not go through), if the technician is not the cause of the failure, it is responsible for reading mapping of the vehicle and send the file to its parent. If reprogramming was done, the plant will notice directly and void the warranty. The P-Tronic tuning box that is not related to electronics to originally, is not affected by this problem.
    • 4 / More and more manufacturers are sending a letter to their customers (randomly selected) few months or years after the purchase of their vehicle. In this letter, they invite them to visit their dealer for up visit. This monitoring shall include the mapping. If it turns out that it has been changed, the jumps warranty. Ditto if the client refuses to appear at the dealership within the stipulated time in the mail. As the P-Tronic box does not change the mapping, the warranty will be maintained.
    • 5 / Reprogramming blew the safety provided original by the manufacturer. A vehicle and reprogrammed is in danger of over-rev or excessive stress. The P-Tronic additional box, he maintains all the safety of active origin.
    • 6 / No ability to change reprogramming exists, except by paying once again for an additional reprogramming ... The P-Tronic box disconnects in seconds or rule when necessary.
    • 7 / When selling the vehicle, reprogramming is lost while the P-Tronic box is removed in minutes and can be installed in a compatible vehicle or be easily resold.

    If you want to increase the power of your turbo diesel, the additional tuning box is a much more flexible solution, equally effective and less costly than a term reprogramming.

    Reprogramming blew the safety provided original by the manufacturer.

    The P-Tronic box is not affected by the upgrade of the original software.

    Installation of the P-Tronic tuning box.



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