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  • No maintenance or premature wear with the P-Tronic tuning box

    No maintenance

    The P-Tronic tuning boxes are manufactured to stay with the vehicle to which they are fitted throughout its whole lifetime. They do not require any maintenance.
 By contrast, the vehicle to which they are fitted must be regularly serviced (just as with a vehicle which has no additional box-unit). The oil-change intervals laid down by the manufacturer must be scrupulously respected.
    It should be remembered that using a car 'as a good parent' even means checking the oil levels at each fourth fuel fill-up. This is even more strongly recommended if the car is used a great deal. The other mechanical parts of the car should be checked in the normal way, within the framework of the manufacturer's maintenance schedule.

    « P-Tronic tuning boxes are regulated so as not to cause any premature wear to the engine » - Union & Actions

    No wear

    The use of an additional tuning box-unit does not cause any wear to the vehicle, and does not make it age prematurely. This is due to the fact that P-Tronic regulates its products so that they supply an acceptable level of extra power for the vehicle. A desirable level, we are almost tempted to say. In fact, the longevity tests carried out by ourselves have revealed that engines are still in good health after 200,000 km driven with a tuning box. This degree of longevity would doubtless not have been seen on these engines if they hadn't been allied to a P-Tronic: their owners would no doubt have been tempted to make up for their lack of power by making excessive demands on them, demands which the box-unit specifically enables to be avoided.

    No maintenance with P-Tronic

    This box-unit can stay with a vehicle during its whole life.

    wear tuning box-unit

    The use of an additional tuning box does not cause any wear to the vehicle.

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