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    Chip tuning and company car

    P-Tronic tuning box units and fleets go very well together. More and more fleet managers are fitting tuning boxes to their fleet cars and utility vehicles under financial or operational leasing, or short term renting. Their strategy is based on a logical reasoning which benefits both the company and the driver of the company car or utility vehicle. Let us explain.

    The situation

    A good fleet manager is constantly looking for solutions to enable him to decrease the financial impact of the fleet on the company. Either because the fleet owner is himself the owner of the company – as is often the case with SME’s – or because he is under pressure from above to do so. The situation is more complex than it might seem. Because company cars are not considered by employees as being merely a means of getting around. They also imply a certain degree of success, a social status and a genuine motivational tool for many. The very idea of allocating smaller (and therefore more economical) cars is thus a very delicate procedure for fleet managers to negotiate. And yet, in these difficult times, many companies have no other choice than to pose themselves the question in this respect.

    Decreasing diesel consumption

    P-Tronic offers a solution to this problem. A tuning box (chiptuning) enables diesel consumption to be decreased by 10 to 15% depending on the vehicle in which it is installed, with fitting (and removal) taking place in 90% of cases in just a few minutes without any particular knowledge being required. By making generalised use of this additional box unit, the fleet owner can therefore reduce the fuel bill of the entire fleet by 10 to 15% – and the fuel cost-centre alone, it should be remembered, represents 25% of the total budget for a fleet! The tuning box can also be installed without forcing the driver to select a smaller model. So his motivation is not affected. On the contrary… Because the P-Tronic box unit gives better power output from the engine and improves performance. Once fitted with this, the vehicle is ‘more torquey’ and more pleasurable to drive.

    Downsizing is no longer a problem

    For the fleet owner therefore, the choice of the tuning box is made based on the existing fleet. It also has a role to play in the choice of new rented or leased vehicles. Smaller engines can be considered with concrete savings in terms of rental levels and without sacrificing driving pleasure. It should also be noted that fleet managers who opt for the P-Tronic tuning box generally combine this acquisition with a training course for their drivers in eco-driving. An initiative which can enable them to record a decrease in fuel consumption of up to 30% in the best cases!

    ecodriving make can generate fuel savings

    Combined with training in eco-driving, the installation of an tuning box unit can generate fuel savings of up to 30%!

    tuning-box for fleet

    Company car fleets will continue to grow up. So it is wise to find solutions to reduce the financial impact on companies.

    p-tronic as management tool

    40% of fleet owners are opting for ‘greener’ vehicles. Amongst them, some are choosing P-Tronic as a genuine fleet management tool.

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