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  • P-Tronic PT, tuning box for classic injection

    The family of P-Tronic additional box is for PT vehicles equipped with conventional injection pump brand Bosch VP 37 or Lucas. The power increase is obtained by dynamically adapting the controller response to quantity of the injection pump to the control, enabling the latter to adapt the quantity of injected fuel. So one by one indirect priming and recalculated the injection pump the gain of engine power is obtained.

    See an example of a power curve (Seat Cordoba 1.9 TDI)

    Vehicles concerned by this chip tuning: Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW 1.9 TDI 90 and 110 hp, BMW tds, Land Rover TD and EHR Renault DTI ...

    P-Tronic PT, for TDI, SDI, tds, TD, DES, DCI injection

    P-Tronic PT, for classic injection

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