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The chip tuning for trucks

Fuel consumption decrease by 10 to 15 %!

P-Tronic increases the power and torque of lorries ans trucks.

From the outset, most lorries and heavy goods vehicles do not use the full potential offered by their engines. This may be for marketing reasons (different power levels according to country), fiscal reasons, environmental constraints or to be able to offer various levels of power from a single engine.

Some effects are direct…

The P-Tronic chip tuning increases the power and torque of lorry engines. It doesn’t increase their top speed but enables them to decelerate less on slopes, to change down less and to overtake more rapidly and smoothly. The results are numerous and felt at many levels. At the level of the vehicle, the tuning box enables the engine to be preserved and its lifespan to be increased. Fuel consumption is decreased by 10 to 15%. Noxious emissions are also reduced. At the level of the driver, comfort behind the wheel is considerably improved, which reflects on his health, his attention while driving and his motivation.

… and some are indirect!

The main beneficiary of all this is the transporter who sees his vehicle, his fleet and therefore his company become far more profitable. As well as the substantial savings achieved on diesel, the time gained by his trucks leads to higher productivity. Better still, thanks to the P-Tronic chip tuning, he can redefine his policy for buying vehicles. A vehicle from an inferior range fitted with a box unit achieves the performance of the higher range. Why then pay more?

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