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P-Tronic Agri chip tuning to increase the power and torque of tractors

Increase in power and torque approaching 30%, fuel savings of up to 15%, these factors are not to be neglected!

With better performance, mechanical suffers less, consumes less and you work faster.

Heavy work

Lack of engine power and torque is a recurring problem in the world of agriculture. Working conditions are difficult and equipment often too limited to effectively carry out the work in hand. P-Tronic produces tuning boxes which add 20 to 25% to performance both in power and torque, for tractors, silo fillers and combine harvesters. Extra performance which brings with it improved output and therefore a decrease in consumption of diesel of between 10 and 15%! These P-Tronic Agri chip tuning are able to be fitted to some 825 vehicles from 22 different brands, including those most commonly used in the agricultural sector. They can be installed without any technical know-how thanks to the manufacturers’ original connectors with which they are systematically provided.

The major brands

Despite the ease with which they are fitted, these chips tuning contain a veritable concentration of revolutionary high technology! With their latest generation digital component parts, they have been carefully designed to be totally suited to the vehicles onto which they are destined to be installed. Their functioning does not get in the way of the mechanics. On the contrary, the tuning boxes have the effect of liberating the engine so that it can supply the full capacity of its intrinsic efficiency. The addition of power and torque is linear in nature, agreeable for the driver but nevertheless of unquestionable efficiency.

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Exemple of power curves and torque of a tractor equiped with P-Tronic (John Deere)

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