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P-Tronic engine chip tuning for buses and coaches

A coach is less thirsty with a P-Tronic chip tuning.

The increase in driving pleasure for the driver and comfort for his passengers is quite clear, and the engine suffers less with a tuning box.

Coaches and buses are vehicles with high demands in terms of profitability. Long distances for the former, frequent stops for the latter, meaning the mechanics thus have to be both reliable and high performing. It is precisely in order to optimise these criteria that P-Tronic has developed chip tuning unit suited to vehicles used for transporting people.

Pleasure, long life and low consumption

This tuning box acts on the vehicle’s injection in total conformity with the tolerances imposed by the manufacturer. Its processor regulates injection timing and optimises the quantity of diesel injected. The result is improved output from the engine and performance (power and torque) increased by 20%. The torque is available earlier and for longer. The extra power is palpable.
This supplementary power is particularly appreciable on hills where the driver has to change down far less in order to keep his coach or bus at a good speed, or when overtaking or simply when setting off. As well as the increased driving pleasure, this chip tuning reduces the revs rising too high and thus helps preserve the mechanics. An engine cared for in this way lasts longer.

Savings at the fuel pump

Another piece of good news for the coach or bus operator: the use of the P-Tronic tuning box leads to savings in diesel of the order of 10 or 15%, provided the driver does not change his driving style. A vehicle so equipped therefore runs further on a full tank and visits the filling station less often. It should be remembered, finally, that the P-Tronic chip tuning caries out its work in total respect for the limits imposed by bus and coach manufacturers. The safety of the vehicle and its occupants is totally maintained. We are even tempted to say that it is increased, with a reserve of power sometimes able to get the driver out of a tricky situation…

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