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P-Tronic tuning box - Sales general terms and conditions

Provisions and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all orders made via the e-shop P-Tronic. These terms and conditions govern the sale by Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic as stated on the invoice that will be sent to all orders of products sold by Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic, unless a separate formal purchase agreement was concluded with Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic. By ordering products on or by accepting delivery of the products listed on the invoice, you acknowledge and agree to these disposiions and conditions. Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without notice. Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic also reserves the right to make changes to its products with the information provided on its website


When registering on the site, you are solely responsible for encoded data. So be sure of the accuracy and completeness of required data that you provide. The password provided to you at check-in location is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties. You assume full responsibility for past, even without your knowledge, commands using your connection settings (username and password). If you suspect a third party to use your connection settings, you must inform the earlier Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic which will provide you with new ones.

Order and price

All prices on the e-shop are in euros, including VAT. Payments are debited in euros. Please review carefully the product description and techniques before placing an order details. If you have questions about a product, you can always send an email to Orders via are accepted by Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic after receiving a confirmation notice on your screen stating that the order has been processed successfully and payment is approved .

Means of payments

Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic accept payment for products presented on the site payment online by credit card or paypal and payment by bank transfer. The shipping fees are offered throughout Europe and the buyer receives a 15% discount on listed prices. Payment is possible with Amrican Express cards, VISA, Eurocard / Mastercard and Bancontact Mister Cash. The amount due will be debited in euros. Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic can not be held responsible for any additional costs or expenses resulting from severance transaction or fluctuations in exchange rates. Make sure that the credit card number and indicated the due date are correct. False information may delay the processing of your order. Payment by credit card is subject to the approval of the financial institution that issues the card. Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic can not be held responsible for any refusal of a financial institution to accept or honor the credit card for any reason. Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic take all reasonable precautions, to the extent that the firm is empowered to secure the details of your order and payment. Unless negligence on its part, Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic can not be held responsible for any losses resulting from the fact that a third would have been unlawfully access data that you provided when you visit or during checkout.

Shipping and negociation

You acknowledge and agree that the payment of all shipping and trading, as well as the payment of VAT and all other charges applicable to your order. Costs are automatically calculated for you and charged to your credit card account at the same time as the total product purchase upon shipment of your order price. Actual charges may vary and are charged on the invoice. Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic working with TNT Post to send your order. That is why it is impossible to deliver to PO Box addresses. The shipping and delivery data mentioned are nothing but ideal assessments and Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic can not be held responsible for any loss, damage or expense caused by the failure of sending data and delivery indicated.

Shipping delay

As a manufacturer, Speed​​-up sprl / P-Tronic is committed to minimize the delivery time of its products. If, however, this period would exceed 10 days, Speed​​-up sprl / P-Tronic will contact the customer to inform them of the time the order will be delivered. If purchasing multiple P-Tronic additional box in the same order, Speed​​-up sprl / P-Tronic reserves the right to work with partial shipments (shipments spread) and save the remaining products as backorder for future deliveries unless you immediately notify Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic placing the order you agree that "only a complete delivery." You acknowledge and agree that deliveries of orders "can only be delivered complete" may fall behind because of your request.

Return within 14 (fourteen) days

If you are not completely satisfied or if the product fails within the first fourteen days after receipt, you can return it for a refund or replacement at your expense. Before returning the goods, you must send us an e-mail no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the day after delivery, including the following data: number and date of the invoice, product number (reference ) and reason for return.

Return proceedings
The invoice number is also your TTG number (return authorization goods). TTG number must be noted clearly on the return packaging. Returns without TTG number and a copy of the original invoice will not be accepted. The goods must be returned in their original packaging with all components included: boxes, cables, connectors and accessories. Incomplete products are NOT accepted. All referral fees and negotiation must be paid in advance by the client. Please send your package to the following address: Speed-up sprl - 12, Avenue Andromède - 4802 Heusy - Belgium

Force majeure

Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic can not be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from delay or non-compliance with its obligations under this contract due to strikes, lockouts, revolt , war, fire, natural disaster, accident, shortage at suppliers or manufacturers of P-Tronic material restrictions of the authorities, failure to grant import or export permit, violations of laws, regulations or orders or due to other circumstances or causes impeding the proper observance of these terms and conditions or other causes beyond the control of Speed-up sprl.

Laws and Jurisdiction

The sale of products is governed by Belgian law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Verviers (Belgium).


The P-Tronic additional box sold by our company are exclusively for motorsport. They are not approved by the manufacturers or insurers. Their assembly might be likely to lose the warranty and could be used by insurance not cover losses to fail to declare the installation of casing to the insurer. Our company assumes no liability for the denial of insurance coverage, a warranty, or in case of mechanical or electronic break on the vehicle with the housing. It is the buyer of additional housing that belongs to notify its insurance presence of such equipment in the engine.

Use of emails

The sale of products on the eshop is carried out electronically. Therefore, you authorize Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic communicate with you electronically. Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic may send you e-mails and other communications on your order via internet. You agree to the broader law that this provision supersedes all laws which provide for other methods or other timing for receipt of messages on the status of your order. Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic reserves the right to send messages and notifications otherwise than by ordinary mail, and the right to receive written messages so far this method is specified elsewhere in this contract . In case of dispute, you agree that in the broadest legal sense, not undermine the probative value of orders, communication, electronic messages or notifications under this contract.


P-Tronic boxes are warranted for a period of five years from the date of purchase stated on the invoice. This warranty is provided by our repair center and covers all the parts that make up the product and labor. To ensure the best possible service, please complete the enclosed registration card to the box and return it to our Service Center (Speed​​-up sprl - 12, Avenue Andromède - 4802 Heusy - Belgium ) within fifteen days from the date of purchase. In case of failure during the warranty period, you may contact the Service Center to report the problem and return the case to the Service Center. Our Service Center will repair the housing and sent back to you within 5 days of receipt. P-Tronic warranty Speed-up sprl / does not cover damage caused by an incompetent employment, housing placement near a part of the engine subjected to heat, improper attachment of the housing or wiring, an accident, fire, damage caused by water, dropping or shock, improper connections, unauthorized modifications, failure to follow instructions provided by Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic or repair by an unauthorized agency P -Tronic. P-Tronic reserves the right to repair the housing is in its workshops, or to nominate another for this purpose. Changes of address must be notified in writing to Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic will void the warranty.

Integral contract

The terms and conditions in this contract between Speed-up sprl / P-Tronic and yourself are the full and final confirmation of conventions and agreements between the parties regarding the content of this agreement and supersede all prior agreements, contracts or written discussions and word marks. The fact that Speed-up sprl does not require the application of a provision or condition of this Agreement or its rights under this contract does not mean that Speed-up sprl waives its rights or its potential for use in connection with this contract.

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