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P-Tronic tuning box: to increase the power and torque of turbo diesel and turbo petrol engines

Power test in the workshops of P-Tronic.

Known phenomenon

Lack of power, lack of torque, choking the engine, are all symptoms that persuade an increasing number of motorists to seek an alternative. Rather than changing vehicle, reprogramming of the injection is the most rational and the most acceptable solution. A process that manufacturers use themselves to provide different levels of power and torque based on a single engine. Various devices exist to increase engine performance, but the tuning box is far safer, more reliable, more efficient and more profitable in the long term.

As light as a 206 car from 0 to 100 km / h increased by more than a second and a half and even exceeds blithely 2 seconds in fifth gear!
Diesel Mag
car on road
Before being marketed, a P-Tronic box is tested in real conditions.

Dyno test

To calibrate its tuning boxes to the injection systems they fit, P-Tronic performs all its measures on a 4x4 power Bosch FLA 206 bench. This tool, which can reveal powers above those originally announced by car manufacturers, enables engineers to develop P-Tronic tuning boxes that meet, in a tangible and verifiable manner, the prescribed tolerances of the manufacturers. It also ensures the enhancement of power values ​​and real torque, not theoretical data as is often the case.

Original settings are substantially retained, but increased for quicker take-up and acceleration.
Le Soir
ptronic power bench
P-Tronic development center dyno test Bosch FLA 206 4x4.

Power tests

This bench is also used at the request of customers who want to check the performance increase generated by the case on their vehicle. When they come to the workshop, a first pass is made with the original vehicle. The computer records the data. The tuning box is then connected and the vehicle makes a second pass. At the end of this, the computer has the data with and without box. It puts them in parallel to objectify the increased torque and power in the form of numbers and graphics.

See an example of the power curve

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