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Your guarantees security and serenity

Sheets original manufacturer

100% of additional P-Tronic boxes are equipped with sheets OEMs . A reality which enables: easy and achievable even without any specific skill branch, an optimal quality of connection and fully sealed (identical to the original), a non-intrusive system: the case can be easily dismantled and the vehicle falls automatically original configuration.

Preserves my turbo

Unlike other products on the market, the P-Tronic box to operate in full compliance with the mechanics. Its action is still within the tolerances set by builders Automotive maintains the safety of active origin and does not change the turbo pressure . By improving engine performance that induces the same box allows increase the longevity of the mechanical parts .

Manufacturer warranty preserved

P-Tronic box is installed downstream of the electronic computer of the vehicle. It receives data from the latter, analyzes, optimizes and sends the modified injection system. Combined with original connectors This operating principle enables preserve manufacturer warranty, the box being undetectable once removed.

TÜV certification

90% of boxes of catalog P-Tronic are certified by the TÜV . A guarantee of quality and safety. The P-Tronic boxes are also manufactured according to CE standard which ensures compliance with legislation of the European Union.

resistant box

P-Tronic only works with materials developed by and for the automotive industry. Elements that allow the box to support a vehicle throughout its lifetime and beyond. P-Tronic properly installed in a motor resists dust, moisture, cold and heat. Several crews rally-raids have also successfully participated in many events in steps with P-Tronic box in their engine ...

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